Transdisciplinary strategies on media

://criticalmedia.space (CMS) is an international workstation located in east side Leipzig, inside the HAL Atelierhaus, operating as a resident project and on collaboration since 2008. A platform for the communication, presentation and development of artistic methods and practices for the neighborhood, encouraging social research and activism through the use of media and open technology.

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Creativity doses

How media and technology is executed within and between communities and the neighborhood? They are the connecting element of the collective and shape perception by incorporating certain shared assumptions of a prevailing media related culture. How knowledge is acquired is further vastly influenced by the structure of the system that it is generated in, which is configured and adapted due to the various contexts. These comparative investigations - within and between certain disciplines - is what we dedicate our space to.

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Seminars, workshops and printed matter

CMS publishes models and methods utilising originary strategies and technologies, focusing on technology-assisted social and urban development, artistic research and the digital humanities. Our vision is to provide a platform to connect communities that exists at the peripheries, stimulating the critical inquiry of technology and methodologies within these emerging cultures

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Custom Hardware and software

We create specific strategies and models to solve local issues in our neighborhood, through the use of custom hard-software with FLOSS tools (Free-libre open source software), to develop a site-specific framework, with the aim to create models that can be adapted to other environments.

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