From the society of information to the knowledge society in the neighborhood.

We are criticalmedia.space, a collective of open sourcerers which strongly believe that sharing knowledge benefits everyone and that community is more important than code or hardware.

We have a knack for explaining complicated topics in an approachable manner, we enjoy using computers, microcontrollers and libre software,

but there's a lot more to life than code, so lets create together a connected and øpen community!
Create an øpen space for sharing experiences, stories and knowledge
Design a laboratory for working, producing and publishing commons.
Re-adapting the space to its new use and new comers as an øpen community atelier.
Listening to the interest of the neighborhood.
Attend the physical and virtual layers of the community.

The process

Seeks to strengthen the will of reasoning and the ability to facilitate thinking through an open, collaborative and rehabilitated space, through a series of discussions and seminars with different interpretations. CMS looks for a way to establish new relationships between neighbors to connect and generate knowledge by the use of sharing commons and libre tools. Collectively testing solutions to existing demands through the creation of models, with the ability to be re-used on similar communities.


On the discussion and practice in actual social problems and questioning the state of contemporary learning art processes and collective work, by the use of free knowledge in parallel to those offered by the institutional channels. Different work groups addresses various sections of the complexity of contemporary social practices, covering topics such as the generation of collective mapping, using social networks and digital broadcast channels, sound art, audiovisual experimentation or prototyping of electronic devices.


The intersection and integration of social research, humanities, science and technology studies demands a platform for the in-depth analysis of the methodologies and technologies that are utilised at street level. The critical inquiry of strategies and methodologies aims to map out a discursive territory for the transdisciplinary exchange of knowledge, extending its scope and including communities of practice, encouraging and fostering emerging research cultures that exist at the periphery of the traditional institutional frameworks.


CMS’s mission is to forge synergies between seemingly unrelated fields of social research connected by their experimental nature and to stimulate the exchange of knowledge beyond the community. To assist this mission the medialab offers an open space to work and collaborate between different organizations and individuals.