A free european cultural radio broadcast, on a free machine with libre software!


A short range øpen hardware FM transmitter, an online Debian streaming server and a local community cultural radio


Radio waves, online stream, community based network, dedicated frequency and bandwidth


European community of cultural radio streams as connected and decentralized online broadcasting


Seminars and workshops on production and editorial content management, diy recording studio and open mobile reporting tools


Research on technology development, radio as media, low power radios, community radio and pirate stations


Sharing knowledge and advice on legal aspects of radio, radio transmission, creative commons licenses and open hardware and software tools


Discussions on the future uses of analog radio, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+), online radio streaming, european cultural radio


DLS (Dynamic Label Segment), RTC (Real Time Clock encoded), RDS (Radio Data System), SDR (Software Defined Radio), IRC, feeds
Honorary Radio works as an european network of cultural exchange over a radio broadcast, operating as an experimental, non-regulated and non comercial platform for the development of a hybrid online/FM radio station.

It makes use of only Free Libre and Open Source Software and hardware (FLOSS) and running on a libre operating system (Debian 8 O.S), with a self-managed collective server.

This idea interlinks different approaches, tools, technologies and networks, offering a decentralized broadcast structure, where each node serves to both learn/receive and create/transmit information.

Such a structure engage a collaborative process between users and cultural institutions, to create and publish relevant cultural content for the whole network and its listeners. This framework breaks the classic unidirectional media communication paradigm, substituted with a horizontal peer-to-peer model (P2P).

This platform aims to rethink media itself, offering a platform while mutually research for the benefits and the potential uses of radio in a time when information, collectiveness and communication is being published mostly on privative and close channels.

This platform has been created with the influence of numerous people and collectives like: Honorary Hotel, Radio Revolten, P-Node, Radio Corax, Ariane Jedlitschka, Matthias Petzold, Víctor Mazón Gardoqui, etc. With special thanks for the great tech support from Epsylon and Øpen platform.
The radio its currently under a new development process [V.1_9], after the great ideas and feedback received from the Tandem Europe Team during our residence in Athens.

Soon will be again online! For any question don´t hesitate to contact us

Decentralized Community radio: a free-libre-open approach to a cultural and non comercial radio.

The workshop will present a theoretical and praxis approach on designing a community radio stream based on free libre open source software and a call to collaborate on a European radio stream.

1. Presentation of the “honorary” idea.

2. Presentation of the Honorary Radio concept 15min

3. Benefits of a community redistribution non comercial / cultural radio

3.Benefits of a european collaboration - connecting communities

3.1: A community redistribution non comercial / cultural radio on a neighborhood

3.2: A community redistribution non comercial / cultural radio on EUROPE

3.3: References and previous actions 80´s/90´s (where there where no internet!)

4. Test of the prototype & platform

5. Ideas/suggestion/possibilities/interest

Here will be published all the different podcast and playlist made from the